NextMove CRM helps Organizations Sell More Effectively

NextMove CRM helps you increase conversions, track sales from lead to close and optimize your sales management processes.

Powerful CRM for Any Industry

While most CRM solutions focus on recording activity, NextMove CRM highlights next actions to move the sales process forward. NextMove CRM is a flexible, configurable business solution that drives sales and marketing effectiveness while insuring the highest level of support and information security.

NextMove CRM Software

Forward Looking Sales Process Workflow Engine

Planning your next move puts you ahead of your competition. Our forward-looking workflow engine intelligently prompts salespersons to plan their next action based on the client's position in the process.

Email Marketing Made Simple

With NextMove CRM’s email marketing platform, you have the ability to track and manage all your email campaigns. The scheduling function simplifies marketing automation.

Integration is Key to Productivity

Our integration capabilities are diverse. From Office applications to 3rd party platforms to custom legacy functions, we can connect to your environments.

Keep Track of Your Referral Network

NextMove's referral network process gives professionals the insight to their strongest referral sources to manage and market more effectively.

NextMove CRM Is Not Just for Sales

Powerful reports and dashboards deliver visibility and meaning to the big-data collected for Leadership teams, and provide sales and marketing professionals with the tools needed to be effective.