Making CRM Simple

A Different Kind of CRM

NextMove CRM changes the way you'll view customer relationship management tools. It goes beyond activity tracking for the Marketing & Sales department. It helps sales people manage relationships and marketers track campaigns. For managers and corporate team leaders, it is a powerful data-driven machine capable of providing insights to achieve better budgeting and strategic measures.

Making CRM Simple

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is not simple.  If it were, you would just use outlook and you would not need a CRM.  In Outlook, you have contact info and calendar.  So why do so many companies spend so much time and money on a CRM tool?  It is because CRM isn’t simple.  In a CRM tool you have company processes, company nomenclature, industry specifics, sharing of data, forecasting, proposals, template-based correspondence, events and activities, security issues, and so much more.

So how does NextMove CRM make it simple?  First it is partly done by having a product that is configurable to your business.  Secondly, it is taking the time to work with you to understand your business and together deciding the best way to wrap NextMove CRM functionality around your business processes.  Finally, it is putting together a long-term plan for training of your people and keeping them trained.

The bottom line is, it is more about the NextMove Company and its people than it is about the product.  So, if you want to make your CRM implementation simple yet powerful NextMove will help you accomplish this.

How do you get your Sales People to Use CRM? I hear this on a regular basis “Our CRM tool is great, and it has with more functionality than we will ever use but, I’m still having trouble getting my sales people to consistently use our CRM product”.  The issue likely isn’t the product but is more likely one or more of the following short comings:

Lack of Management Usage and Support:  It you don’t have top down support from management, most sales people will not use the CRM product.  Even with management support, if management doesn’t use the CRM it is unlikely to be successful.  The number one killer of CRM is a manager who asks that the data in the CRM be put into a spread sheet for him or her.  Everything the manager needs should be right there in the CRM.  If he or she hasn’t been trained, then he or she should be.

CRM Is Too Complicated: It is always better to lean toward the simple side when configuring the CRM.  You can always add complexity later after the sales people are using the system.

CRM Isn’t Part of the Sales People’s Daily Routine:  For a CRM tool to be embraced by sales people, it must become part of their routine.  Once they use it on a regular basis, they will not only use the CRM tool, they will depend on it.

Not Enough Training:  Train, Train, Train.  I can’t say it enough; you have to have training on a regular basis to make sure everyone is using the product correctly.  These training sessions can be short but must be done regularly.

If you are looking at implementing a CRM product or if you have a CRM and are struggling to get your sales people to use it, make sure you have addressed the above issues.

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Scott Farmer

Scott is one of the co-founders of NextMove CRM. In addition to being a US Navy Veteran, Scott is a seasoned sales professional who has more than 35 years of sales, sales management, and operations experience working at Westinghouse Electric, ABB, Invensys, Formation Systems and SFA Strategies.